Sunday, May 18, 2014

Two Days Until The Election

We have two more days until the election and I need your help.  I would appreciate each of you contacting your friends who live in Boone County and tell them why you’re voting for me.  Ask them to help you make a change in the Clerk’s office; to restore full-time leadership, honesty and integrity to this office. 

Being endorsed by other career politicians doesn’t make you the best person for the job.  What it makes you is another career politician.  I have never claimed to be a politician and for that I am proud.  I am a citizen of this county who only wants what is best for all who live here. 

There have been many lies told this past week by supporters of the incumbent.  They have slandered my husband and attacked my daughter who is an Army Captain’s wife and doesn’t even live here.  Lies, lies and more lies.  I have been honest with you throughout this campaign.  I have videos and documents to back up everything I’ve said.  Just because someone yells the loudest doesn’t mean they are right.  Actually those who yell the loudest usually have the most to hide.  As I’ve stated before, if I felt either Mr. Brown or Mr.Sallee were the best candidate for this job I would step aside.  I KNOW that I am the best candidate to be the Boone County Clerk. 

I so appreciate all that everyone has done to make a positive change in the Clerk’s office.  I thank each of you for your prayers and hard work.  No matter what happens, it’s in God’s hands and He is in control.  Thank you and don’t forget to vote! 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

More Lies From the Incumbent

The incumbent Boone County Clerk has sent out mail and handed out fliers stating that he ran in 2010 to serve the people in Boone County.  In a recent article in the Boone County Recorder he said, “In 2010 I ran because I felt the office was really outdated, not customer-friendly at all,” he said. “I had a good job at the time so I wasn’t looking for a job, I was looking to make a difference in the clerk’s office.”

Well, this is NOT what he said under oath.  Which one is the lie?  Did he lie under oath or is he lying to you now?  Either way, he continues to lie.  I honestly don't know how anyone can believe a word out of this man's mouth.  
I have volunteered thousands of hours in Boone County, constantly working to make this the best place to live.  I am running to serve the citizens of this county!  ALL the citizens, not just a select few.  Please vote for Ramona Croushore on May 20th, because I know that I'm the best qualified for this job.  I am in the Right place and this is the Right time!

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Boone County voters have to ask themselves whether County Clerk Brown can be trusted with their important documents.  A fundamental question is whether Brown can be trusted to tell the truth; in addition to lying on a loan application, not registering his vehicle in Kentucky for seven months, documents mysteriously disappearing, and his 12 hour workweek, the facts demonstrate that Brown voted out of his precinct, a Class D Felony.
Brown usually lived with his mother until 2007.  He voted using his mother’s address, voting precinct Florence 13, C136A, in the general election of November 2008.  A year and a half before that election, on July 26, 2007, Brown had purchased a home in voting precinct Greenview, B116. 
It is unknown in what precinct he voted in the interim; what matters is that he voted using his mother’s address in the general election of 2008, when it can be demonstrated that he had changed residences. Brown states that the house he had purchased in July 2007 remained unoccupied until December 2008, that he did not move from his mother’s house until then, and that he therefore did not commit a felony by voting out of his precinct.   However, Brown’s mortgage agreement signed by Brown on July 26, 2007, provides:

“5. Occupancy, Preservation, Maintenance and Protection of the Property; Borrower's Loan Application; Leaseholds.  Borrower shall occupy, establish, and use the Property as Borrower's principal residence within sixty days after the execution of this Security Instrument

Brown also took out a Homeowner’s Policy on the home, effective July 30, 2007; a homeowner’s policy is valid only if the policy holder resides in the home.
All of the bills one would expect if Brown had moved into his new home shortly after purchasing it on July 26, 2007, appear to demonstrate that Brown had in fact moved:
1)    Duke Energy instituted gas and electric service in August 2007
2)    Boone County Water District opened an account on August 1, 2007
3)    Brown made political contributions using his new home address May 3, 2008; the Kentucky Secretary of State contribution detail reports demonstrate that fact. 
He had made donations to Sal Santoro’s election in 2006 and 2007 using his mother’s address and was able to vote for him by voting using his mother’s address.  If he had voted using his home address he would have had Addia Wuchner on the ballot instead.
4)    In March of 2007, Brown purchased a Chevrolet Suburban. Although the seller signed over the title on July 31, 2007, Brown did not complete the change in title until January 2, 2008 which is a Class A misdemeanor.  Brown testified under oath that he continued to drive the vehicle in the interim with the Georgia license plates.  On the Application for Kentucky Certificate of Title and the Assignment and Warranty of Title by Owner forms, Brown’s mother’s address had been lined out and Brown’s new home address inserted prior to filing on January 2, 2008, yet he says he still lived with his mother on this date.
5)    His bank statement demonstrates that at least by October 15, 2008, he was using his new home address for banking.
6)  His mother’s utility bill dropped considerably in the fall of 2007.  Neither his nor his mother’s bills changed at all in December of 2008, when he claims to have moved out of his mother’s and into his new home.

Brown claims that he had extensive remodeling done on the new house.  Under oath he stated that he had the floors replaced and light switches replaced and that it took 18 months for this to be done.  When a further investigation was done, relatives of Brown’s told the authorities that he didn’t move into the new home until December of 2008 because they did “extensive remodeling” that was much more than floors and light switches.  There are no permits for this “extensive” remodeling.  There are no receipts for this remodeling.  You would think if you were doing extensive remodeling you would keep the receipts for tax purposes.  So who’s lying?  Was Brown lying under oath when he said he only had floors and light switches replaced?  Or are family members lying to keep him from being prosecuted for a Class D Felony because he voted out of his precinct in November of 2008 and possibly May of 2008.  Brown has NO evidence of any type as to when he moved into his new home, he stated under oath.  Quite the contrary.  There is plenty of evidence which points to his having lived at his new home and not at his mother’s in November of 2008.  The Attorney General concludes that they cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt when he moved.
          I leave this to you, the voter, to make your own decision.  Is there evidence that Brown’s word cannot be trusted?  Yes.  His loan application for his vehicle proves that.  Does all the black and white evidence show he was living in his home at the time of the election of November 2008?  Yes.  But when you say you didn’t do it and you have friends in high places, it seems you may be above the law.  He wasn’t prosecuted for committing a Class A misdemeanor that he admitted under oath to; and he’s not been prosecuted for committing a Class D felony even though the black and white evidence is clear. 
 This is the man who oversees elections for this county.  Scary?
Vote for Ramona Croushore on May 20th to restore honesty and integrity to the County Clerk's office.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Who's Broken the Law?

The incumbent Clerk, a career politician, has begun a personal smear campaign against me. He is alleging that a tax lien against my husband (the attorney who sued Brown for disability discrimination and FMLA violation), is the same as evading paying taxes.  It is not.  I have always paid my taxes; however, in the recession my husband was unable to make a large tax payment on his income and as a result has a tax lien where we make monthly payments. 

This is NOT the same as evading paying personal property taxes, especially when it’s his job to collect them.  As you have seen by the YouTube videos, that is what the incumbent did.  The violation of not registering his vehicle in Kentucky within 15 days, is a Class A misdemeanor.  He bought the vehicle in March and didn’t register it until January. 

Owing money is not a crime.  I have always paid my taxes and will continue to do so.  He has now taken it upon himself to mail to many citizens a copy of the tax lien along with a decision by the court of appeals finding that the buyer of our mortgage did not have to prove its ownership. 

I have NEVER broken the law with the exception of a speeding ticket when I was 16 years of age.  Regardless of the rumors he spreads, the YouTube videos show that he committed the crime and that he lied on a loan application for that same vehicle.  I trust the citizens of Boone County to see these rumors for what they are.  

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Boone County Clerk Lies About Previous Employment

When you apply for a loan, you have a much better chance of obtaining it if you have a regular income.  Lending institutions tend to be much more cautious about loaning money to people who work on commission rather than salaried.

Our current Clerk obviously knows this fact.  So on a Huntington Bank loan application in March of 2007, where he was borrowing $24,000 to purchase the vehicle that he failed to register for 9 months in Kentucky, he lied saying he was an office manager.  He stated that he had been an office manager for 10 years.  9 years with Cincinnati Bell and 6 months with North American Bioproducts.

Under oath, Mr. Brown listed his employment history and at NO time did he ever say he was an office manager.  He had worked at a couple of bars.  He had worked as a Deputy Jailer.  He had worked as a baggage handler.  He had worked for Cincinnati Bell (for approximately 7 years not 9) as a salesman.  He worked as a salesman for North American Bioproducts.

I believe being a salesman is a very respectable occupation.  However, Mr. Brown knew if he said this was what he did for a living, he would have a hard time securing a loan for $24,000.  So he lied.  He either lied on the loan application or he lied under oath.

Restore honesty and integrity to the office of Boone County Clerk.  Please vote for Ramona on May 20th!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Current Clerk Evaded Paying 2008 Personal Property Taxes

The incumbent Clerk, a career politician, who unfortunately will say or do anything to win, has begun a personal smear campaign against me. He is alleging that a tax lien against my husband, an attorney, and losing a  court case in 2006 is comparable to his failure to pay his car taxes.  The difference is we are paying our debt, which Mr. Brown evaded.

Today you're going to see a video with black and white evidence of the current Boone County Clerk evading paying personal property taxes.  If your vehicle is registered in the state on the first day of the year, you owe personal property taxes on it.  It's as easy as that.  It's state law.  He thinks he is above the law. 

This is one of the many reasons I'm running for Clerk.  Let's restore integrity and honesty to this office.  Please vote for Ramona on May 20th!  Number 1 on the ballot!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Super-size Pension Pals

My opponent sent out a mailer that you probably received yesterday announcing the endorsements of career politicians like him who have protected their pensions at the expense of the taxpayers of Boone County.

County Clerk "Career Politician" Kenny Brown, a man who has run as a Democrat for the House, and lost a race for Clerk in 2006,  proudly announced he is running for reelection with the full support of Rep. Sal Santoro and Sen. John Schickel.  Both of them have sat on their hands when it comes to pension reform because both have expectations, like Brown, of being in office long enough to collect a full size pension for their part time service in the Legislature. Brown only works part-time and wants a full size pension as well as his full size salary for working on average a 12 hour week.   

Brown has also been endorsed by another career politician James Comer, who as a House member actually voted for the get rich pension deal for legislators like him and former Senate President David Williams. Unfortunately, Comer, elected to serve as Agriculture Commissioner, is now guaranteed to get a super-size pension compared with what he has paid in. 

How appropriate all the career politicians are sticking together to protect their pals in the taxpayer funded pension plan! 

Where is the anger, indignation, and criticism by the Tea Party and other conservative activists?

Fortunately, you have a clear alternative in the Republican Primary race for Boone County Clerk, Ramona B. Croushore!

As a business woman with extensive experience in volunteer community service and non-profit management I would appreciate your support in getting rid of the career politicians and thus your vote for Boone County Clerk in the Republican Primary on May 20th!

Monday, April 28, 2014


First and foremost, I promise to treat this as a full-time job.  Our current clerk, was in the office approximately 48 hours in October of 2013 and 49.5 hours in November of 2013.  I called him out on this publicly and he started spending more time in the office.  Today is April 28th and so far this month he has been into the office approximately 9 days.  This is not full-time.  My other opponent, doesn't see a problem with this, stating that "he doesn't have a boss."  You're the Clerk's boss.  The County Clerk does have bosses.  Thousands of them.  My tax dollars and your tax dollars pay the Clerk's salary to serve, not sit at home working on email which is what our current clerk said he does under oath.

I have heard from so many people in the county that customer service is either poor or lacking currently in the Clerk’s office.  I promise you, the citizens of Boone County that I will address this immediately upon taking office. 
I promise you that I will work full time not an average of 12 hours a week. 
I promise you that I will look at expanding services, to make it convenient for you to deal with the Clerk’s office.  When you renew online or by phone, you are charged an extra fee.  Of course, you’re not told this when the current Clerk is telling you how convenient it is to do business now. 
I promise to only serve no more than two terms and that I will not use this office to further any political career. 
I promise to implement merit-based hiring and retention. 
I promise you that I will do everything in my power to provide you with all public documents online so that you don’t have to pay for copies of things that belong to the public to begin with. 
I hope you enjoy this video and I would appreciate your vote on May 20th!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Why Should You Vote For Me?

Today we are less than four weeks from the primary.  I come to you asking for your vote because I am the best person to hold the office of Boone County Clerk.  I am a wife, mother and small business owner. 
I have had my business for 9+ years.  I opened a brick and mortar store on $300 and when I chose to close two years later to do some traveling I had money in my pocket, never once having gone into debt for my business.

I chose Boone County as my home over 14 years ago.  After living all over this great country of ours and Germany, this is where I wanted to call home.  I have worked very hard to contribute to the  community by being in the very first Sheriff’s Citizen’s Academy; serving as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate for abused, neglected and dependent children); PTSO Board; PTSO President; Parent Volunteer Committee; Site Base Committees; Instructional Practices Committee; Mentor Mom for MOPS groups, just to name a few.

Before I moved to Boone County, I was the Assistant Education Director for the Knoxville Area Chamber Partnership.  I was the facilitator for the Leadership Education Alumnae Committee as well as Leadership Education.  I was named a Tennessee Colonel by then Governor Don Sundquist because of my work trying to improve the education of all children in Tennessee.  I was part of the forming of Knoxville’s Promise, part of General Colin Powell’s America’s Promise initiative. 

During my time as an active duty military wife I worked in Personal Lines and Commercial Lines insurance.   I always made time to volunteer within the community where I lived.  I was nominated as Volunteer of the Year for Hillsborough County Florida for my work with the Haven W. Poe Runaway Shelter.  I worked with military teenagers in Germany, always having a house full.

It’s important to me to make my community the best I can possibly make it.  I have worked tirelessly to make that happen in Boone County.  That is why I am running for Boone County Clerk.

I will look at expanding services and hours at NO additional costs.  I promise you to restore full time leadership to this office. I promise you to work hard to improve customer service.   I promise to do my best to have all public documents accessible on-line.  When someone thinks of the Clerk’s office, they will think convenience not hassle.  I promise to be a servant of the citizens of Boone County. 

This is my promise to you Boone County and I appreciate your vote on May 20th!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Walking in Boone County

I have spent many an hour walking the neighborhoods of Boone County lately and have enjoyed it so much! What wonderful people live here.

I've met people from all walks of life.  Some born and raised here, and many who, like myself, chose Boone County as their home.  Retirees, veterans, hard workers, single moms, the list goes on and on. Every person I've met, with the exception of one person, have been open minded and absolutely wonderful to talk with. One person, just one, actually asked me to leave because they are friends with our current clerk, and I used to be a Democrat, so I need to leave.  What a very small mind this person has.

I would never ask my friends to vote for me on the basis that I am their friend.  I was a gun owning Democrat for Ronald Reagan.  A Blue Dog Democrat.  I've never voted party, but always tried to vote for the best person for the job.

The incumbent, Mr. Brown, was a Democrat who actually ran for state office unsuccessfully in the '90's.  He was the driver for Dr. Poore, a Democrat who ran for Governor.  But I'm a horrible person because I used to be a Democrat?  Really?  So, this man is going to vote for a proven liar, who evaded paying his personal property taxes on a vehicle he purchased in 2007 and didn't register until 2008, because their "friends".

I ask you to do your homework.  Become knowledgeable about all the candidates.  Don't vote for me because I'm your "friend".  Vote for me because I'm honest, have integrity, have the business experience needed for this job, and will return full time leadership to this office.  However, if you want a someone who works from home a couple of days a week working on his email, and fails to pay his own personal property tax, and is an insult to veterans, then by all means, vote for the incumbent.

I feel confident in the people that I have met.  I would appreciate your vote on May 20th.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Our Right To Vote

There are some things in this world that I, as I'm sure you also, take for granted.  For instance, when I turn the faucet on, I will get water.  When I turn the key in my ignition, my car will start.  When I fill out a voter's registration card and turn it in to the clerk's office, it will be filed with the state and I will be able to vote on election day.  

What if you went to start your car and it didn't start?  You would be upset.  You would possibly call AAA.  You would get it fixed.  Is it anyone's fault your car didn't start?  No.  It happens.  But we take for granted that it will start when we want to go somewhere.  What if you didn't have any water when you turn the faucet on? Again, you would be angry but it's no one's fault you don't have water.  You will call the water department.  They will take care of it.  That's the way the world works. Unless, it's the Boone County Clerk's Office.

On September 6th, I filled out a voter's registration card changing my party.  I have been a Democrat since I was 18.  I didn't know the difference in the two parties and frankly, I've never voted party.  I've always researched my candidates and voted for the person I felt was more capable of completing the job they were being elected to do.  I filled out a card changing my party to Republican, because frankly, I feel we have to be more fiscally responsible. 

Many of our local elected officials have changed parties from Democrat to Republican including the current county clerk, who ran on the Democratic ticket unsuccessfully in 1996 for State Rep.  The difference is, when others change their party affiliation, their cards were entered into the state system without incident.  Mine was not.

I filed my letter of intent to run for County Clerk on October 3rd, as a Republican.  I had a press release stating that I am a Republican.  Imagine my surprise when I went into the county clerk’s office on December 27th to file my official papers to run and found out that the state system still showed me as a Democrat!  I was shocked.  The Deputy Clerk said she knew a card had come in for me with a change, but she didn’t know what the change was.  She saw the card.  It was on her desk.  Okay, it’s a mistake that it didn’t get entered.  It happens.  I don’t claim to be perfect.  No big deal, right?

The Deputy Clerk goes to the file to retrieve my card to enter it into the system.  It’s not there.  Hmmm…it’s not entered into the system, it’s not in the file.  Mistake?  Doubtful.  I’m running for the position of County Clerk.  The overseer of elections.  I could possibly see a mistake in not entering it and it being filed properly.  I could possibly see a mistake in it being entered into the system, but misfiled.  But both?  Fat chance.  This sounds  deliberate to me. 
I filled out a new card and filed my papers to run for County Clerk.  No harm.  Except, what if I hadn’t gone into the office to file my papers before December 31st?  Would there have been a problem?  Yes.  You only have until December 31st to change party affiliation to run for office in the primary.  That is the cutoff.  Of course, later that day when I went back in to file the completed paperwork, the voting supervisor was waving around the computer printout of my card.  They had scanned it into the local clerk’s office computer system on October 11th.  35 days after I filled it out.  They still had it.  They had never bothered to enter it into the state system, which dictates how you vote.  They never filed it.  They lost it after that 35 days.  But they scanned it.  Big deal.  It wouldn’t have allowed me to run for office or vote on May 20th

I kept quiet about this for 18 days.  I kept thinking they would find it.  They did not.  I then went on the Boone County Neighborhood Facebook page and suggested that anyone who had filled out a voter’s registration card in the past few months contact the clerk’s office to make sure it was done since mine had not been entered.  Miracles of miracles, the next day I got a phone call from the Deputy Clerk, saying they had found my card filed in the “P”s.  It only took me going public for this to happen.

When I went to the office to see the actual card, because basically at this point I don’t trust this office at all, the voting Supervisor told me that it was my fault, because on the line with my signature is a date to be filled in.  I had put 8-6-2013 and seeing my mistake, wrote a 9 over the 8.  REALLY?????  This caused them to not enter my change into the state system and lose my card??? To file my card in the “P”s without entering it?  MY FAULT???  No apologies.  Nothing but blaming me. 

When I’m elected Boone County Clerk, the “mistakes” will not happen.  This is ridiculous.  Of course, not surprising since things have a way of disappearing from the clerk’s office if they might be a detriment to our current clerk.  FMLA certification papers from a locked file in his office.  His voting record from November 2008, immediately after questions were raised about his voting history.  But those are stories for another day. 

For today, I’m disgusted with the lack of integrity in this office and we as citizens need to restore integrity to the office of Boone County Clerk.  Vote for Ramona on May 20th!