Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Super-size Pension Pals

My opponent sent out a mailer that you probably received yesterday announcing the endorsements of career politicians like him who have protected their pensions at the expense of the taxpayers of Boone County.

County Clerk "Career Politician" Kenny Brown, a man who has run as a Democrat for the House, and lost a race for Clerk in 2006,  proudly announced he is running for reelection with the full support of Rep. Sal Santoro and Sen. John Schickel.  Both of them have sat on their hands when it comes to pension reform because both have expectations, like Brown, of being in office long enough to collect a full size pension for their part time service in the Legislature. Brown only works part-time and wants a full size pension as well as his full size salary for working on average a 12 hour week.   

Brown has also been endorsed by another career politician James Comer, who as a House member actually voted for the get rich pension deal for legislators like him and former Senate President David Williams. Unfortunately, Comer, elected to serve as Agriculture Commissioner, is now guaranteed to get a super-size pension compared with what he has paid in. 

How appropriate all the career politicians are sticking together to protect their pals in the taxpayer funded pension plan! 

Where is the anger, indignation, and criticism by the Tea Party and other conservative activists?

Fortunately, you have a clear alternative in the Republican Primary race for Boone County Clerk, Ramona B. Croushore!

As a business woman with extensive experience in volunteer community service and non-profit management I would appreciate your support in getting rid of the career politicians and thus your vote for Boone County Clerk in the Republican Primary on May 20th!

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