Sunday, April 13, 2014

Walking in Boone County

I have spent many an hour walking the neighborhoods of Boone County lately and have enjoyed it so much! What wonderful people live here.

I've met people from all walks of life.  Some born and raised here, and many who, like myself, chose Boone County as their home.  Retirees, veterans, hard workers, single moms, the list goes on and on. Every person I've met, with the exception of one person, have been open minded and absolutely wonderful to talk with. One person, just one, actually asked me to leave because they are friends with our current clerk, and I used to be a Democrat, so I need to leave.  What a very small mind this person has.

I would never ask my friends to vote for me on the basis that I am their friend.  I was a gun owning Democrat for Ronald Reagan.  A Blue Dog Democrat.  I've never voted party, but always tried to vote for the best person for the job.

The incumbent, Mr. Brown, was a Democrat who actually ran for state office unsuccessfully in the '90's.  He was the driver for Dr. Poore, a Democrat who ran for Governor.  But I'm a horrible person because I used to be a Democrat?  Really?  So, this man is going to vote for a proven liar, who evaded paying his personal property taxes on a vehicle he purchased in 2007 and didn't register until 2008, because their "friends".

I ask you to do your homework.  Become knowledgeable about all the candidates.  Don't vote for me because I'm your "friend".  Vote for me because I'm honest, have integrity, have the business experience needed for this job, and will return full time leadership to this office.  However, if you want a someone who works from home a couple of days a week working on his email, and fails to pay his own personal property tax, and is an insult to veterans, then by all means, vote for the incumbent.

I feel confident in the people that I have met.  I would appreciate your vote on May 20th.

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