Thursday, May 8, 2014


Boone County voters have to ask themselves whether County Clerk Brown can be trusted with their important documents.  A fundamental question is whether Brown can be trusted to tell the truth; in addition to lying on a loan application, not registering his vehicle in Kentucky for seven months, documents mysteriously disappearing, and his 12 hour workweek, the facts demonstrate that Brown voted out of his precinct, a Class D Felony.
Brown usually lived with his mother until 2007.  He voted using his mother’s address, voting precinct Florence 13, C136A, in the general election of November 2008.  A year and a half before that election, on July 26, 2007, Brown had purchased a home in voting precinct Greenview, B116. 
It is unknown in what precinct he voted in the interim; what matters is that he voted using his mother’s address in the general election of 2008, when it can be demonstrated that he had changed residences. Brown states that the house he had purchased in July 2007 remained unoccupied until December 2008, that he did not move from his mother’s house until then, and that he therefore did not commit a felony by voting out of his precinct.   However, Brown’s mortgage agreement signed by Brown on July 26, 2007, provides:

“5. Occupancy, Preservation, Maintenance and Protection of the Property; Borrower's Loan Application; Leaseholds.  Borrower shall occupy, establish, and use the Property as Borrower's principal residence within sixty days after the execution of this Security Instrument

Brown also took out a Homeowner’s Policy on the home, effective July 30, 2007; a homeowner’s policy is valid only if the policy holder resides in the home.
All of the bills one would expect if Brown had moved into his new home shortly after purchasing it on July 26, 2007, appear to demonstrate that Brown had in fact moved:
1)    Duke Energy instituted gas and electric service in August 2007
2)    Boone County Water District opened an account on August 1, 2007
3)    Brown made political contributions using his new home address May 3, 2008; the Kentucky Secretary of State contribution detail reports demonstrate that fact. 
He had made donations to Sal Santoro’s election in 2006 and 2007 using his mother’s address and was able to vote for him by voting using his mother’s address.  If he had voted using his home address he would have had Addia Wuchner on the ballot instead.
4)    In March of 2007, Brown purchased a Chevrolet Suburban. Although the seller signed over the title on July 31, 2007, Brown did not complete the change in title until January 2, 2008 which is a Class A misdemeanor.  Brown testified under oath that he continued to drive the vehicle in the interim with the Georgia license plates.  On the Application for Kentucky Certificate of Title and the Assignment and Warranty of Title by Owner forms, Brown’s mother’s address had been lined out and Brown’s new home address inserted prior to filing on January 2, 2008, yet he says he still lived with his mother on this date.
5)    His bank statement demonstrates that at least by October 15, 2008, he was using his new home address for banking.
6)  His mother’s utility bill dropped considerably in the fall of 2007.  Neither his nor his mother’s bills changed at all in December of 2008, when he claims to have moved out of his mother’s and into his new home.

Brown claims that he had extensive remodeling done on the new house.  Under oath he stated that he had the floors replaced and light switches replaced and that it took 18 months for this to be done.  When a further investigation was done, relatives of Brown’s told the authorities that he didn’t move into the new home until December of 2008 because they did “extensive remodeling” that was much more than floors and light switches.  There are no permits for this “extensive” remodeling.  There are no receipts for this remodeling.  You would think if you were doing extensive remodeling you would keep the receipts for tax purposes.  So who’s lying?  Was Brown lying under oath when he said he only had floors and light switches replaced?  Or are family members lying to keep him from being prosecuted for a Class D Felony because he voted out of his precinct in November of 2008 and possibly May of 2008.  Brown has NO evidence of any type as to when he moved into his new home, he stated under oath.  Quite the contrary.  There is plenty of evidence which points to his having lived at his new home and not at his mother’s in November of 2008.  The Attorney General concludes that they cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt when he moved.
          I leave this to you, the voter, to make your own decision.  Is there evidence that Brown’s word cannot be trusted?  Yes.  His loan application for his vehicle proves that.  Does all the black and white evidence show he was living in his home at the time of the election of November 2008?  Yes.  But when you say you didn’t do it and you have friends in high places, it seems you may be above the law.  He wasn’t prosecuted for committing a Class A misdemeanor that he admitted under oath to; and he’s not been prosecuted for committing a Class D felony even though the black and white evidence is clear. 
 This is the man who oversees elections for this county.  Scary?
Vote for Ramona Croushore on May 20th to restore honesty and integrity to the County Clerk's office.

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  1. Kenneth Brown's word is completely untrustworthy. Losing or destroying documents, lying, and committing crimes is absolutely unacceptable.