Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Who's Broken the Law?

The incumbent Clerk, a career politician, has begun a personal smear campaign against me. He is alleging that a tax lien against my husband (the attorney who sued Brown for disability discrimination and FMLA violation), is the same as evading paying taxes.  It is not.  I have always paid my taxes; however, in the recession my husband was unable to make a large tax payment on his income and as a result has a tax lien where we make monthly payments. 

This is NOT the same as evading paying personal property taxes, especially when it’s his job to collect them.  As you have seen by the YouTube videos, that is what the incumbent did.  The violation of not registering his vehicle in Kentucky within 15 days, is a Class A misdemeanor.  He bought the vehicle in March and didn’t register it until January. 

Owing money is not a crime.  I have always paid my taxes and will continue to do so.  He has now taken it upon himself to mail to many citizens a copy of the tax lien along with a decision by the court of appeals finding that the buyer of our mortgage did not have to prove its ownership. 

I have NEVER broken the law with the exception of a speeding ticket when I was 16 years of age.  Regardless of the rumors he spreads, the YouTube videos show that he committed the crime and that he lied on a loan application for that same vehicle.  I trust the citizens of Boone County to see these rumors for what they are.  

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  1. It is sad that the current county clerk does not know the difference between a LEGAL tax lien and illegally not paying tax on a auto. This guy is a known liar, verifyed in court documents. He is a bully, such acts as suspending an employee for days because they parked on the line in the county parking lot. We pay him to work full time yet he only works a few days a month. He claims he ran for office to better the county. But under oath he stated the Tea Party was trying to find some to run. He states " I was in the wrong conversation at the wrong time". There is no end to the evil he is willing to do to freeload off the taxpayers.