Sunday, May 4, 2014

Boone County Clerk Lies About Previous Employment

When you apply for a loan, you have a much better chance of obtaining it if you have a regular income.  Lending institutions tend to be much more cautious about loaning money to people who work on commission rather than salaried.

Our current Clerk obviously knows this fact.  So on a Huntington Bank loan application in March of 2007, where he was borrowing $24,000 to purchase the vehicle that he failed to register for 9 months in Kentucky, he lied saying he was an office manager.  He stated that he had been an office manager for 10 years.  9 years with Cincinnati Bell and 6 months with North American Bioproducts.

Under oath, Mr. Brown listed his employment history and at NO time did he ever say he was an office manager.  He had worked at a couple of bars.  He had worked as a Deputy Jailer.  He had worked as a baggage handler.  He had worked for Cincinnati Bell (for approximately 7 years not 9) as a salesman.  He worked as a salesman for North American Bioproducts.

I believe being a salesman is a very respectable occupation.  However, Mr. Brown knew if he said this was what he did for a living, he would have a hard time securing a loan for $24,000.  So he lied.  He either lied on the loan application or he lied under oath.

Restore honesty and integrity to the office of Boone County Clerk.  Please vote for Ramona on May 20th!

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