Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Your Tax Dollars at Work?

Are you a taxpayer in Boone County? I am. I chose Boone County 14 years ago as my home. It's a wonderful place to raise your children. It's clean, safe, and offers many things for families to enjoy.
But there's one problem. We have an elected official who chooses not to show up to work. He's admitted it under oath, that he stays home a couple of days a week to do his email. My tax dollars ...pay his salary. Since October 3rd through November 30th, he was in the office 6 full days! 6! That's horrible! Including those 6 full days, he has been in the office approximately 102 hours! That means we, the tax payers of Boone County are paying this man approximately $150.00 per hour to be our clerk. And yet, many people in the "good ole boy" network" swear he's doing a great job!?!? 
I personally, am disgusted. Let's restore FULL TIME leadership to the clerk's office! Vote May 20 for Ramona!

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