Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Civilian Surveillance Program Simply Political Theater

I have to say that I am surprised and deeply disappointed to learn that Clerk Kenny Brown has established a video feed from his offices, which is nothing less than surveillance of Boone County citizens.

Republicans like Senator Rand Paul are opposing civilian surveillance programs in Washington and State Representative Diane St. Onge is introducing legislation in Frankfort to prevent civilian surveillance by the government, I am shocked and disappointed that an elected county official would use cameras purchased for legitimate security purposes to broadcast who is in line in the clerk’s office.   I have to wonder why he waited until the week after he appeared in the media standing alongside an outspoken advocate of civil liberties like Judge Andrew Napolitano to announce this intrusive violation of personal privacy.

This is without question an unnecessary surveillance of citizens seeking to do business with the county and provides those with illegal or inappropriate intentions an opportunity to know who may be away from their home or place of business.

The actions of the incumbent represent those of an individual who continues to demonstrate the lack of leadership skills to manage this office.  The reality is that by the time someone leaves their home to drive from Union to Florence or from Hebron to Burlington the video is absolutely useless from a customer service perspective. Even the clerk admitted it is not live time.  If not for pure political theater, why would any elected official expand or implement civilian surveillance in a Clerk’s office?

The camera should be pointed at his desk.  This clerk has managed to come into the office every day of ONE week since October 3rd.  One week!  And that was last week, still only managing a 29 hour work week.  This, after I started going public with his horrible work ethic.  He’s such an extreme right wing clerk, and is so concerned about the waste of taxpayers money, yet he’s taking our tax dollars as his salary and managed to come in to the office approximately 100 hours total during October and November.  As of 11:30 a.m. this morning, he is still not in the office.

An objective analysis of his work history will show Kenny Brown never managed anything except a bar before becoming clerk.   And he got that job only because he was friends with the restaurant manager.  Somehow he thinks using video cameras is effective management.  As Clerk, I will pull the plug on that system instantly. I do not agree with surveillance of Boone County citizens.

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  1. After you posted this he started coming to work more often, but he has returned to his old habits. We should start tracking his attendance again, to encourage him to come to work rather than doing Facebook and email from home and watching on the cameras (the real reason he has them, since it is the only way he can "supervise" his clerks).